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The Book of Esther Bracelet

The Book of Esther Bracelet


The Book of Esther Bracelet

In the Book of Esther, We are introduced to an orphaned girl named Esther, raised by her cousin Mordecai. By the grace of God, Esther is brought to the king's palace and favored by King Xerxes. Esther is then given an opportunity to save the lives of her people after Haman plots to have all of the Jewish men, women, and children killed.

I encourage you to read The Book of Esther and witness the mighty hand of God.


Silver plated brass Murano Glass Beads 
8.5 inches wide lobster hook clasp or barrel clasp.      

The Book of Esther Charm Bracelet consists 18 charms and 1 bead stopper:

  • Queen Vashti
  • Hadassah / Esther as a child
  • Mordecai
  • Royalty (Esther enters the king's palace)
  • Hegai the king’s eunuch cares for Esther
  • Perfume part of 12 mo. beauty regimen
  • Comb part of 12 mo. beauty regimen
  • Dress Royal attire
  • Shoes Royal attire
  • Special food is given to Esther
  • Esther Approaches King Xerxes’ throne
  • King  Xerxes’ crown
  • Haman (the kings two-faced assistant)
  • Brave – Risking her life, Esther tells the king that Haman is going to have her and the Jews killed.
  • The Jews defeat those sent to kill them.
  • Heart (Esther receives favor)
  • The lives of the Jews were saved by Queen
  • Esther
  • Bead stopper

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